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Capstone Projects, Internships & Networking

In the final year of the BA&LLB, students may choose either to undertake a final research project or an internship
The student experience of the BA&LLB programme goes beyond academics.



Research project
in law and literary studies
6 credits

The final-year research project enables students to pursue their individual interests in any aspect of the intersection between literary and legal discourses under the supervision of a faculty member. The project will culminate in an extended essay of approximately 5,000 words. Students are expected to meet with their supervisors regularly and to present their work-in-progress to their supervisors in the course of the semester.



in law and literary studies

6 credits

This internship course encourages students to contribute to socially impactful projects using the skills and knowledge they have acquired in their interdisciplinary undergraduate studies, and provides them with an opportunity to broaden their undergraduate education through experiential learning. Students will acquire invaluable work experience, hone transferrable skills for a wide range of careers, and develop sharper awareness of social issues and legal challenges.

Thoughts from our graduates

          ... I could experience internships in the legal field including those in law firms, chambers and at the High Court. I have been an Associate Editor at the Hong Kong Journal of Legal Studies for two years. Last summer, I designed lesson plans and taught street law in Myanmar to university students there with Connecting Myanmar, a NGO co-founded by a BA&LLB senior ... I could see how the skills required for succeeding in the legal field can be gained from the arts field, and vice versa ... Arts equipped me with a quick eye for proofreading, which proved useful during my law firm internships. From law, I developed better critical thinking and analytical skills that improved the structure of my literature essays."

— Vanessa Leigh

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