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The Programme

The Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Digital Technologies programme equips talented students with the training in humanities and digital technologies needed to tackle the world’s future challenges, and trains future leaders in innovative thinking, problem-solving skills and an interdisciplinary mindset. The structure of the BA(HDT) is geared to the knowledge and needs of humanities students.


In this programme, students will be introduced to the technological skills needed to bring the disciplines of the Arts to life in a digital world. They will learn to apply their critical and creative interests to the world of technology. And they will combine digital tech and the humanities in projects and real-world scenarios.

  • HKDSE | Chinese (4), English (5), Liberal Studies (3), Mathematics compulsory part (3), Electives x 2 (3)

  • IB Diploma | 37 (not including the core / bonus points)

  • A-levels | 1A* 3A / 2A* 1A  

  • Redesigned SAT | 1500, SAT Subject Tests | 700 in each of the 3 subjects /

  • AP Exams | 4 in each of the 3 subjects 

For additional details, see here (local qualifications), here (international qualifications) or the Admissions Office page.  

The Sequence of Study

Students in the program undertake courses each year to a total of 60 credits (each course is 6 credits). The courses are divided between the two degrees as follows:

Admissions Talk & FAQ

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