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Final-year Project

The final-year project is a student’s crowning university achievement. Under a teacher’s supervision, this is when they can capitalize on everything they’ve learned during their educational journey and contribute with their very own voice.  


As for other key experiences of the Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Digital Technologies (like the internship), we strongly value innovation and passion, and encourage our students to be bold and faithful to their interests. We believe this is the best way to finalize a project portfolio which will catch the eye of future recruiters. No strict format is imposed, and while one student may conduct more academic research, another one will design a phone app to tackle an ongoing social issue, while yet others will explore generative AI or take the lead for a one-of-a-kind exhibition mixing history and virtual reality. In any case, we hope our students will rely on their critical understanding of the world around them, and of its technological developments and transformations, to come up with new ideas and results which are mindful of what we know of humankind, of society, and of culture.  

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