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Student Testimonials

Kate Kim 


The HDT programme was one of the main reasons I chose HKU and after the commencement of studies, I became even more in love with this programme! First of all, I really enjoy the freedom that this programme gives you. Right now, I’m taking an intro course to digital humanities, a course in python and different humanities electives. This major allowed me to design my path and I plan to focus on philosophy and computer science in the future. I also really appreciate that this programme allows me to learn through real experience, most of my subjects have projects as the final assignment, which I think prepares me for real work much better than exams or tests. HDT is a truly unique programme and I highly recommend it for students that are interested in interdisciplinary studies!

Syed Ali Mansoor


Hello, and as-salaam alaykum! I’m Ali, a first-year Muslim student from Pakistan, in the BA(HDT) programme at HKU! 

I have always been one for interdisciplinary learning. Back in high school, you would see me building contraptions for science olympiads in the morning, preparing presentations for economics competitions in the evening, and working on personal coding projects by night. The HDT programme has enabled me to combine my love for computer science with my passion for exploring different fields of study. In my current group project for HUDT1001 Introduction to Humanities and Digital Technologies, we will be pursuing a topic that merges cultural analytics, East Asian studies, web-scraping, and data analysis to gain a deeper understanding of the East Asian film industry. Experiences like these teach you not just technical skills, but rather tactics, methodologies, and toolsets to solve problems in much larger contexts. I look forward to the many more such experiences that BA(HDT) has in store!

Solomon Ho

Hong Kong

The BA(HDT) programme has offered me with numerous opportunities to achieve my ambitions. Over the past year, I have participated in several internships both within and outside the university. The programme's interdisciplinary nature enabled me to gain hands-on experience in Virtual Reality (VR) and immersive technologies at the Engineering Faculty, as well as at the French May Arts Festival, a local arts promotion organization. Moreover, we had the privilege of presenting our student projects to peers and digital humanities experts and learning from them at CUHK, which has been an invaluable learning experience.

Janice Lam

Hong Kong

My transformative learning experience at HDT exposed me to invaluable knowledge and new experiences. From assisting in the Virtually Versailles exhibition to being a teaching assistant for the Metaverse + AI summer course, I explored cutting-edge technologies which intersect with the humanities. The HDT programme deepened my understanding of digital humanities and its potential to enhance learning. The close bonds and support among teachers and students fueled my passion for exploring technology's intersection with the humanities.

Kristy Wong

Hong Kong

As a first-year BA(HDT) student, this comprehensive programme has been an inspiring escapade. Combining rewarding lectures with hands-on learning experience like experimenting with emerging technologies and trajectory workshops, I am attaining in-depth knowledge of digital humanities and have been utilizing them in our original projects. Through opportunities such as pitching ideas with my peers and sharing virtual reality skills with those that are unfamiliar with the field, I am able to build up passion and creativity for both humanities and digital technologies, thus equipping myself for the two fields’ progressive entwinement in the future. 

Evelyn Choi
Hong Kong
As an HDT student, I have the opportunity to delve into a wide range of fields that pique my interest. Through a combination of theoretical study and hands-on experience, I have acquired a wealth of knowledge. Specifically, I have learned how digital methods can be applied to various humanities research. Moreover, HDT has afforded me invaluable experiences, allowing me to participate in real-world digital archaeol
ogy projects and serve as a student docent for the captivating Virtually Versailles exhibition.

Momoko Iwama



The BA(HDT) programme has been an incredible journey for me. It offers me practical experiences and provides opportunities for me to interact with digital humanities professionals, such as the visit to CUHK, which expanded my horizons. One standout project was analyzing beauty standards through Vogue magazine using computational methods. HDT is the perfect fusion of technology and the humanities, equipping me with diverse career paths.

Junwoo Park



I'm so grateful for the delightful experiences the BA(HDT) programme offers! The workshops, projects, programmes, and research opportunities always spark my curiosity and guide me toward unravelling the mysteries of the digital world. This programme allows me to explore the humanities while staying open to the latest digital technologies. I'm nearly halfway through university and excited to see what the next two years bring!

Francesca Ruan



Studying in HDT programme is really exciting and also inspiring for me. During the first year of my exploration of digital humanities, in the intro courses, the blueprint of this uncharted but inspiring field was unfolded, which inspired me with a new horizon of humanities. I was involved as a student helper in the New Horizons in Digital Humanities workshop. In this workshop, I learned about leading research topics in the field of digital humanities, such as multilingual text analysis. I think this is a great opportunity for students and researchers from all over the world to explore this emerging field.

Alice Huang



The only word I would use to define BA (HDT) is “undefined”. Being the perfect fit for individuals seeking to embrace new ideas and innovations, this programme epitomizes interdisciplinarity by offering a profusion of course options and a wealth of extracurricular activities such as trajectory workshops and field trips for students to freely explore and investigate. As a BA (HDT) student, I foresee my future commencing here, which is both excitingly unforeseeable and promising.

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