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Prof. Peter J Cobb

Deputy Director
Assistant Professor
BA Dartmouth, MS UNC-Chapel Hill, PhD University of Pennsylvania

Early Career Teaching Award, 2021

Faculty of Education Early Career Teaching Award, 2021

Prof. Peter J Cobb is an assistant professor in the School of Humanities and a field archaeologist. Each summer, he helps lead excavations in Armenia together with the Armenian Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography. A major focus of his research is applying digital humanities methods to improving our ability to record and analyze data about the ancient past. By collecting 3D spatial and shape data in the field, we can then use data science approaches to investigate the material remains of past human societies. 


Prof. Cobb teaches a variety of archaeological courses on the ancient Mediterranean and Southwest Asia, including a fieldschool in Armenia. He also invites inquiries from potential PhD and MPhil students.

Project Website


Office: RRST 9.05
Tel: 852-3917 7309

Dr. Peter J Cobb Bachelor of Arts in Humanities and Digital Technologies
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