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Students in the BA(HDT) programme are able to choose from a wide range of courses: both the core courses and a number of humanities electives and interdisciplinary electives offered by the Faculty of Arts or other Faculties that complete the requirements of Major in HDT.

In addition, courses with the “HUDT” subject code are designed specifically for students in this programme: these courses introduce students to the technological skills needed to bring the disciplines of the Arts to life in a digital world. You will learn to apply your critical and creative interests to the world of technology; and you will develop technological approaches to your humanities discipline.

Below you will find a selection of featured courses from the current HUDT lineup: click on any of these courses for a description of the subject-matter. For Arts courses, please visit the Faculty of Arts website


For STATCOMP and BSIM courses, please visit the website of respective course offering faculty / department.


Introduction to Humanities and Digital Technologies

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Internship in Humanities and Digital Technologies



Advanced Topics in Humanities and Digital Technologies



Research Project in Humanities and Digital Technologies


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