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The Programme

​The design of the new programme is based upon three core principles.

  • Digital technology is central to the modern world, and the use of digital technologies is transforming how we live and work. The BA(HDT) therefore offers students cutting-edge digital methods for tackling the questions of their humanities disciplines, and new ways to use their arts and humanities perspectives to engage with and critique digital technologies.

  • It is not only technology that defines content, but content and creativity that define and drive new technologies. The BA(HDT) therefore produces original thinkers capable of understanding, working with and pushing the boundaries of digital technologies.

  • Digital technologies are increasingly crucial to employment opportunities for Faculty of Arts graduates. The BA(HDT) therefore equips students with a range of hard and soft skills in the digital arena that will open new fields of opportunity in employment locally and globally.

The BA(HDT) offers both practical and theoretical training, developing in students a unique skill-set in humanities and digital technologies. Students will be equipped with the skills to drive pioneering work in their humanities area of specialisation, with the capacity to think in new ways about technological innovation, and with the ability to build a career in a wide array of fields.


The humanities focus can be undertaken in any Faculty of Arts programme area (e.g. linguistics, history, English, Chinese, art history, philosophy, music, etc). Students’ growing skills in this specialisation are combined with a focus in interdisciplinary digital technologies, geared to the knowledge and needs of the individual student. These overlapping areas come together in the internship and capstone courses: a focus on experiential and project-based learning in the programme brings together students’ digital technology skills with their chosen humanities discipline to create a truly interdisciplinary programme structure.

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