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Exclusively offered to BA(HDT) Students
HDT Trajectories Workshops

✓ Guest lectures

✓ Non-credit bearing 

 ✓ Free discussion


Hosted on every other Friday, the trajectory workshop is a place to exchange essential course information among BA(HDT) students, to mingle, to share ideas, trends, gears, mindsets, part times, crew, team etc.

Practitioner Dr. Kal Ng is your tour guide in the evolving digital landscape and you will learn from him the interdisciplinary skills required as a/an archivist, broadcaster, connector, creator, cultural commentator, designer, documentarian, filmmaker, game designer, initiator, KOL, producer, novelist, researcher etc.

The workshop is a space, actual and virtual for BA(HDT) students, starting their journey into the ever-changing and evolving humanities and digital technologies landscape, gathering fire and skillset along the journey towards creating the final year capstone project, as a solid portfolio to face the next world or reality.


AI Game Engine, Algorithms, Architectural Heritage, Archival Challenges, Data, Deepfake, Editing, Entrepreneurship, Ethnography, Imaginaries, Immersive Sound, Itineraries, KOL, Map Making, Media Creation, Mysteries, Networks, Neural Networks, New Narratives, Paradigms, Programming Mythologies, Research Methods, Social Enterprises, Sojourn, Spatial Cinema, Travels


Dr. Kal Ng - Professional Practitioner, Faculty of Arts; HKU Lecturer of Architecture; HKU Lecturer of Industrial Engineering [VR & XR]; HKU Adjunct Professor of Film & Cultural Studies; CUHK Researcher on Virtual Worlds Visualisation & Digital Imaginaries Filmmaker



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